Semi-Annual Dividend

Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc., parent company of Bank of Luxemburg, announced the approval of a semi-annual dividend of $0.65 per share, payable on December 14, 2018 to shareholders of record as of December 1, 2018. The current dividend is an increase of $0.03, compared to the December 2017 dividend of $0.62 per share paid on December 15, 2017.

“Increasing dividends communicate financial well-being and shareholder value for Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc. as well as Bank of Luxemburg,” said Bank of Luxemburg President Tim Treml. “2018 was another strong year for the Bank. Our financial strength allows us to continue to provide a positive impact in the communities we serve.”

Offering full-service personal and business financial solutions since 1903, Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc. and Bank of Luxemburg have banking offices in Luxemburg, Green Bay, Dyckesville, Casco, Algoma, Kewaunee and Sturgeon Bay. For more information visit Member FDIC.

Strength in its Roots

Kewaunee County – a region including three towns (Algoma, Kewaunee and Luxemburg in Northeast Wisconsin) – is home to a small population of farmers, skilled workers and business professionals. Its sprawling farm fields, industrial backbone and family-oriented appeal make it a great place to live and work.

Workforce development, according to Treml, begins in the schools. “We’re all working together—including all three area school systems—on building awareness of skilled jobs with a strong concentration in agriculture,” he said. “The schools are introducing agricultural and manufacturing opportunities to students through internships and training programs to show that these industries aren’t the dirty work they used to be.” Technology and robotics in dairy farms and manufacturing plants are changing the way new graduates perceive the opportunity for a successful career without a traditional four-year degree. “These careers, among many others in the skilled trades, are roles area employers have expressed a deep need to fill for years,” Treml shared. “We’re trying to build Kewaunee County to be a place that attracts talent and business.”

In addition, Bank of Luxemburg remains the only reliable source for local financing. Unlike corporate banks whose locations simply “branch” into the area, Bank of Luxemburg has been headquartered in Luxemburg since 1903. Beginning as an agricultural bank helping to fund the needs of local farmers, Bank of Luxemburg—and the community—have grown significantly over the last 115 years, but their mission remains the same: “to have a positive impact on people’s lives and help make their dreams come true,” Treml shares.

Bank of Luxemburg’s mission highlights the difference between smaller banks ($345 million in assets) versus larger banks (with $2 billion in assets, for example). Many large banks prefer to do business with a few corporate entities or big manufacturers. Bank of Luxemburg would much rather focus on spreading funds to a greater number of smaller businesses—such as the ones up and down main street—within their local communities.

“We’ve strived for a ‘helping’ culture, focusing on the culture of our institution—not the bottom line,” Treml shares. “If we take care of our local people and small businesses, the rest will fall into place.”

More ways Bank of Luxemburg is striving to make Kewaunee County a better place…

  •  BOL Cares – Bank of Luxemburg encourages all employees to give back to the community. Every employee is granted sixteen hour per year to volunteer at the organization(s) of their choice.
  • Scholarship Program – Bank of Luxemburg has awarded over $250,000 in scholarship funds to local deserving students since 2002.
  • Revitalization Loan Program – Bank of Luxemburg recently allocated $3 million to a special low-interest loan program designed to fund eligible renovations—such as facade improvements, pedestrian covers, historical preservation, structure renovations and accessibility improvements—for businesses in Kewaunee County.
  • Banzai (High School Education Program) – Bank of Luxemburg sends employees to classrooms in Kewaunee County for a special presentation on the practical and vital importance of budgeting.
  • Local Sponsorships – Bank of Luxemburg regularly supports local events, parades, sports teams and area improvements. For example, Bank of Luxemburg donated $5,000 to the county youth soccer fields for maintenance long before the construction on the fields was even complete.
  • Local Committee/Board Participation – Bank of Luxemburg employees regularly volunteer their financial expertise to local organizations and charities. It’s not uncommon to see the names of Bank of Luxemburg employees on the lists of local boards and committees throughout the area.

About Bank of Luxemburg

Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc. and Bank of Luxemburg have banking offices in Luxemburg, Green Bay, Dyckesville, Casco, Algoma, Kewaunee and Sturgeon Bay. For more information about Luxemburg Bancshares, Inc., visit